Dear family, friends, neighbors

For almost four years I have had the privilege of connecting with you all, through my story, my passion for my heritage of a coffee growing family, and the roasts I produced for you all, humbly and with love.

The time has come for me to reflect on the time past, the enormous personal satisfaction of getting to connect and to know you all a little bit, but at the same time to face the fact that, as a business, it has not been possible to create the financial reward enough to justify the significant investment in time and efforts, and that at this time my children, teenagers now, need me very close to them; I had made the very tough decision to stop Zapata Coffee.

The one thing that made this decision so hard, probably delaying it for many months, was the inspiration of your support, your compliments and your appreciation; it has been an incredible experience to get to know you all in so many different ways; I will forever cherish the memories of our brief but meaningful conversations, during the farmer markets or whenever we met for a coffee delivery; it was to no doubt the greatest, most precious reward I received during this time.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your support and for your friendship, I am sure I will continue to see most of you around the different beautiful spaces of our community ; there will always be a smile of gratitude and appreciation to you all for this amazing time, a time when I could share with you this dream.

My best to you all, until a next time.


Maria V. Zapata