One of the advantages of having a small business where most of your customers are also your friends and family is that you communicate with them on a regular basis often without using FB, your website or other social media; and that is probably the reason why we haven’t posted here for a while.

But the year has started strong, weather has been beautiful here in Seattle and we want to get going with keeping you updated on Zapata Coffee and how we move forward, with lots of exciting news!

First of all, thanks to all of you for your continued support, “Maria” and “Zapata Dark” continue to be favorites of local coffee drinkers who have tried them, and “Naughty & Nice” were again a hit during the holidays; you are our force and our inspiration, and my dream to continue my family tradition of love for coffee is made true every time I hand the fruits of my work to one of you.

We do have one favor to ask from you all:

The number of friends and customers who ask for us to create a Decaf roast, and to package our coffee in single serve “k-cup likes” continues to grow, but we don’t just want to do it without a thought; we want to do it in a way that is thoughtful and environmentally conscious.

Do you or someone close to you drink Decaf or use Keurig? k-Cups? What do you look for or would like to see in a decaf roast and / or in a single serve packaged coffee drink?

Please let us know! Just write on the wall or send me an email at, or call me; we would really appreciate your input.


Maria V.