As we move forward in our planning for developing a Decaf roast and packaging for single serving cups, we continue to research the issue of being environmentally conscious, which is not only important for us as a family but as a local small business too.

Assuming that most of us want to protect our planet and avoid behavior that damages it, the truth is also that life is busy and some of us end up doing things driven more by the need for convenience

Here at home we recycle, every week we deal with the three large trash bins, blue, green and gray, and separate things carefully, we also invest in those green biodegradable bags; we are proud of that but we also know that not everybody does it.

K-Cups have become a center piece of the conversation on environmental consciousness; with more than 10 billion of non-recyclable cups already produced a lot has been written and recorded about it; there is an interesting story in The Atlantic about how even the inventor of the cup regrets his invention to some extent, and a funny video about a Godzilla-like monster made of those cups.

But single serve cups are more convenient for some and it is everyone’s choice what to use and when, so, we have decided to move forward with the production of a small amount of k-cup packaged units for clients who would like our coffee.

We will use 100% recyclable cups that are also BPA free (BPA is an industrial chemical often associated with possible health effects, as noted in this paper from the Mayo Clinic).

Towards the end of the coming week we will have samples of our first Zapata Coffee single serving cups; which is exciting; please don’t forget to contact us if you would like some free samples and make sure you share this post with friends or coworkers who you know are users of these cups and would like to explore our roasts.