Coffee Roasting Company

Zapata Coffee Roasting Company is a small business started in the north shore end of the greater Seattle area; we roast high quality gourmet coffee in small batches to guarantee the freshest and most carefully produced coffee experience to our friends and neighbors.

We want to help you enjoy the pleasure of crafted coffee every morning and through your day, and to give you an alternative to massively produced coffee; we roast fresh coffee from Colombia and from the best beans we can find from around the world.

Maria V. Zapata, our founder and roast master, belongs to four generations of love and passion for coffee; her family has grown and roasted coffee for over a century in the northwestern and central mountains of Los Andes in Colombia.


We roast coffee in small batches and deliver on the same week to make sure your coffee experience is fresh, local and authentic.

As a small business coming from inside our own communities, we support small organizations and we partner with local businesses, churches, and non-profit groups to deliver high quality coffee experiences to their memberships while contributing to their goals through fundraising and charity programs; just drop us a line and let’s get our ideas to work!


Single origin gourmet Colombian excelso beans medium dark roast


Gourmet Colombian excelso and Sumatran beans blend dark roast


Thanksgiving blend of Sumatran and Colombian excelso beans


Dark roast blend of Colombian supremo and Sumatran


Medium roast blend of Colombian excelso and Sumatran


We roast coffee in small batches and deliver on the same week to make sure your coffee experience is fresh, local and authentic.

There is something special about communities north of Lake Washington’s shore near Seattle, we are family focused, we care for each other and we support each other, we are open minded and embrace our different origins and backgrounds.

This is the place we chose to raise our children, and this is the place where I decided to start my little business, our little business because, together with my husband and closest friends who also live in this area, we decided to start our little coffee roasting company.

From Woodinville to Bothell and Mill Creek, to Snohomish, we share more than roads and parks, and that is why we are proud to be a small business born from inside our community, from the comments and encouragement of friends in the little leagues, at church, at school, we have built what I think is the best way to honor my tradition while being part of my community today.

So, we are small and local, we are proud members of the Bothell Chamber of Commerce, and the Mill Creek Business Association.

As a woman coming from an economically challenged environment, and as a small business owner, Maria V. understands the particular struggle of women trying to make it in a society that is not always fair and open; that is why part of our mission is to give back to our local community, helping women who single parent children and have suffered violence.